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Memory Foam vs. Latex



In terms of comfort, memory foam and latex both provide pressure relief and comfort, but offer two distinct feels and ways of reducing pressure.                                                   Neither is necessarily better  than the other and when choosing it will come down to a personal preference.

Memory Foam 

Memory foam tends to be a less expensive product compared to latex, but has a wide range of qualities.

Memory foam relieves pressure by absorbing pressure and molding to your body. It adjusts to your weight, shape, and body temperature so your heavier areas can sink in further and evenly reduce pressure across your entire body. Memory foam gives you the feeling of sleeping "in" you mattress instead of on it.


Memory foam was originally developed in 1966 under contract for NASA to provide relief for astronauts undergoing the extreme physical stress of “G-Forces.” The material that was invented, visco-elastic polyurethane foam, responds to your body’s heat and molds around you, relieving pressure points and improving circulation. There is a new generation of memory foam called Serine that rebounds quickly and is claimed to provide more support.


Over the years, memory foam has been improved to provide exceptional therapeutic cushioning and support, significantly reduces pressure points, improves circulation, and optimize sleep temperatures. This is why a memory foam mattress or pillow is superior to a traditional mattress or fiber pillow and works well in Hybrid inner-spring mattresses. It is also allergen resistant, antimicrobial, and dust mite resistant.     (see memory foam mattresses)



Latex is a more expensive product and very durable, designed to outlast traditional mattresses. Great when used in Hybrid mattresses

It can be made using natural or synthetic (manmade) ingredients. A blending of both is often desirable. Latex foam is a breathable, resilient material that conforms to your unique body shape and weight. Latex gives you the feeling of sleeping “on” your mattress, not “in” it.

Latex absorbs pressure and instantly contours to your body by both absorbing pressure in your heavier areas and reaching up to gently relieve pressure, absorbing and distributing your weight across the surface of the mattress.


It provides 2-directional support and instantly adjusts to your body. There are two types of latex. Dunlop and talalay. Dunlop excels in support and Talalay in comfort. This is  a bit over simplified, but they both are great materials. If if feels good to you is all that really counts.

Mixed with a quality individualy wrapped Comfort core spring is a great choice. (See Hybrid mattresses.)


This combination of contoured comfort with extra support makes latex a popular choice. Latex also features an open cell structure, allowing more room temperature air to flow through it, removing the heat away from your body. Latex can be natural, synthetic, or a blend of both. All of them are durable, allergen resistant, antimicrobial, and dust mite resistant. (see Latex mattresses)


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