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26 years ago I was selling mattresses at a retail store, selling the "big names" you know Sealy, Simmons, waterbeds...

Posted by Sterling Mattress Factory on Sunday, February 15, 2015



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  • Cherry Connolly
    Great mattresses. Worth the money, last forever, can be flipped and "flopped" [turned end to end]. Other new matteresses cannot be flipped ck out the other brands bottoms. please like us.
    1 · July 27 at 8:26am
  • Hey Mike! Nice to know the guy with the best matress store around!
    12 · June 22 at 2:44pm
  • Excellent quality and competitively priced. Drove clear from Danville,IL to make a purchase.
    21 · June 22 at 1:21pm
  • Great place. We drove all the way there from Danville Illinois ~and purchased a fine mattress.
    11 · June 21 at 12:02pm
  • Our mattress is great!!!!
    11 · June 20 at 10:59am



  I may not be a Princess, but I want a comfortable Mattress.

Reveiws of Sterling Mattress.

Like the fairy tale, "The Princess and the Pea", if I am uncomfortable on a mattress, I just can't sleep well. I have found the mattress of my dreams, and it was a process of waiting, yet was worth it.

When deciding to "pitch" my waterbed because of repeated backaches, I used my OLD queen-size King Koil Chiropractic mattress. I only could use it a couple years, because part of the box springs were broken. I had bought it originally to replace a mattress I left with my ex in another town (just didn't want that one, you know how that goes). My dad, being a chiropractor, recommended a firm and chiropractic mattress. So that is how I bought the King Koil. I was very happy with it, and it was FIRM to say the least...

I went everywhere, Sears, and other major furniture stores that carried various lines of mattresses. I finally decided to try out STERLING MATTRESS FACTORY. This was a place about 25 miles from here that MADE the mattresses on site. You could order your mattress practically any way you wanted it.

I laid down on every mattress in the store's showroom. I tried them all out multiple times. Some features I liked about several of them, but I just didn't find the exact one for me. When I discussed this with the owner, he said I could add or subtract features from any model to create the mattress I wanted. Wow! How more personal could it be?

We sat down to discuss the features I liked, I showed him the mattresses and why I liked those particular ones. Together with his advice, I designed my own mattress.

Here is what I chose: #1) I wanted a queen size, since my bedroom is not huge, but I am tall and needed the length. #2) I wanted a firm mattress for my back problems, yet not a hard top. To do that I was able to get a firmness panel built in, yet with a soft pillow-like top. #3) I wanted handles so I could easily flip and turn the mattress on my own. #4) I wanted a thick mattress to accommodate the "deeper" sheets. #5) I wanted substantial innersprings for support and, #6) I wanted extra edge firmness to provide support when sitting on the edge of the bed.

All of these features were made to order and could be incorporated into any mattress I wanted. I could have gotten the most luxurious covering, and the fluffiest pillow top they made, but I didn't feel I had to go for the "looks" of the brocade fabric. This has a very pretty soft brocade, that would be pretty enough to leave uncovered, but who does?

The owner showed me a mattress in progress of being made. I was impressed to see the inside, with the "stuffing" and springs and firmness panels. He actually sews the fabric on when finished, himself. He uses an edging machine to put the piping on.

It took about three weeks to get my finished mattress. I had him take away my tired and broken King Koil set. I could hardly wait to try out my new mattress set. It has given me three years of wonderful sleep. I am very pleased with the workmanship in this product.

If you are anywhere near a mattress "factory" that is owned by a family type business, try it out. I do not know if you would get the same service at all, but it was my answer to creating the mattress for me.
This was called "Sterling Mattress Factory". It was not that expensive really for the quality I received. The set was nearly $500.00. There are many mattress sets out there you would pay twice to four times as much for, without getting the personal service of creating your own.

I rarely have back pain when I wake up in the morning now. Before I got this mattress, I often was very stiff in the morning and by afternoon I would be nearly hobbling around.

When choosing YOUR mattress, you need, of course, to consider your specific needs and requirements for a mattress to make you comfortable. I was able to do exactly that with my personally created mattress design and features.

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Newspaper article
Made in Southern Illinois


Sterling Mattress Factory: Retail comapny has sold to more than 20,000 customers

By Gail Rissi Thomas for the Southern

HERRIN - Straight from the manufacturer to the customer is a concept that contributed to the creation of Sterling Mattress Factory.

Mike Wicoff, owner of the factory and retail establishment with his wife, Treena, says that it was 11 years ago when he was selling mattresses and furniture, that he decided he wanted to do something a little different.

"'How can I do this with a twist?' is what I thought," Wicoff said. "I decided that I would try making the mattresses myself and sell them to the public." Since then, Wicoff says that he has sold sleep products to more than 20,000 customers locally.

"When I was selling mattresses made by other companies, I saw the problems with the major brands' mattresses" Wicoff said. "But there really was no remedy for them unless you just started from the beginning and made them yourself."

"Body impression was the main problem with modern mattresses," Wicoff explained. "They were using too much fiber and lower-density foam and cushioning. It was making the body impressions exaggerated. We use very high-density material, two- and-a-half pound foam, compared to the one- to two- pound foam typically used in the industry."

One of the specialties of Sterling Mattress is making handcrafted, custom-designed sets. "We can sell custom-made mattress sets at off-the-shelf prices." Wicoff continued.

"We've cut out the wholesale part of the equation. Everything goes straight from the factory to the customer. Our business is very simple," he added. "We count on satisfied customers to pass the word on to friends and relatives."

Sterling Mattress Factory has a large showroom and is located at 3201 S. Park Ave. in Herrin Illinios.

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