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Our Mattress Collections

Search for Balance

The proper balance of Comfort and Support.

At Sterling Mattress factory, our goal is to provide each of our customers 
from Southern Illinois, Missouri, and Kentucky,

  with the correct support & comfort level, for them personally.


Each of us has a different support/comfort balance.

Support keeps your back straight & properly aligned.

Comfort reduces the pressure on your hips and shoulders

 No single mattress is right for everybody.



 Our pros know sleep.  
Now we're not talking about pushy salesmen, but mattress craftsmen.


 Your advisers actually know what they are talking about,
because they also build the mattresses.        

They will help you find your perfect balance.

 The bedroom provides a much-needed sanctuary from our busy lives.                                     


Comfortable mattresses and balanced support.

Combinations that together induce a deep and refreshing sleep.



 Emerge from your sanctuary ready to take on the world!



Our craftsmen are ready to help  you when need it,

and leave you alone

when you don't   :-)


  Your sleep needs are the center of our purpose.


Suggesting what's best for you, 

not the most expensive.

Our sleep advisers are non-commissioned.

Serving and supplying the mattress needs of Southern Illinois and the Tri-State area for 25 years.

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That Perfect balance of                           Comfort & Support.    

The Sterling Collection

Explore our best selling sleep

   Comfort Core™    Fabric encased-individual support system.

Unbelievable conformability.

 Our Comfort Cores definitely have a sensitive side. They literally conform to the unique contours of a person’s body and react intelligently to them – adjusting instantly to individual sleep movements.

With Comfort Core™ you benefit from:



Minimized motion disturbance.

 Tossing and turning doesn’t have to be a shared experience.  So a spouse won’t wake their partner (and a toddler jumping on the bed won’t wake a sleeping baby).



Superior core support.

Experience immediate comfort and softness delivered from the top of the coil. Then you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the firm and responsive support originating from the coil’s bottom section.



Comfort Core is all about conformability.

That means pressure relief.

for the hips and shoulders, in  several different support options, Firm,

Medium-firm, and Soft.

 New Traditions™    Back-Support system.



Heavy duty comfort and support.


Orthopedic surgeon and Chiropractic physician endorsed.

Support is king and comforts her queen

on our New Traditions line of

Super Premium Mattresses.


Utilizing the 368-6 turn, 12.5 gauge, Behemoth™ innerspring.


The Heaviest duty Spring on the planet..really we know of no other!


Layered in Sterling comfort-plus high-density cushioning.


From extra-firm to the gentle firm.



Traditional Orthopedic back support,

Sterling comfort and styling.


Each model shares the same 368-6 turn 12.5 Gauge super heavy-duty support spring system.



New Traditions is all about support.

All have our famous lumbar support grid in the center 1/3 of the mattress and

extra edge support.


Providing needed back-support for literally thousands of our customers.

Sterling Ultimate Hybrid ™ Sleep System



Comfort Core + Exotic padding=

Ultimate Hybrid.

 The Ultimate Hybrid Mattress™ is a best-of-class hybrid that offers the benefits of foam, gel, or latex, without the downside of mattresses predominantly made of those materials.

The Comfort Core™ technology inside every Ultimate Hybrid Mattress showcases the latest advancements in inner-springs – setting the Ultimate Hybrid apart from any other hybrid-style mattress.

If it doesn't have Comfort Core™ technology inside, it's not an Ultimate Hybrid.

With Comfort Core™ you benefit from:


Minimized motion disturbance.

With each coil flexing independently of the other, Comfort Core diminishes the disturbance caused by a partner moving.



Superior core support. As soon as you curl up on a mattress with Comfort Core, you’ll experience immediate comfort and softness.


Unbelievable conformability. Our Comfort Cores definitely have a sensitive side. They literally conform to the unique contours of a person’s body.

Additional Products

Bed in a Box!

This is shopping convenience!


Try it, buy it, toss it in the car and sleep on it tonight.


Perfect for our; got no time, want it now, fast-paced world.


Cozy Comfort, Comfortably priced!

Our Mid-Line, Easy-Rest™ Collection


Good Quality Everyday Mattresses

The mid-premium line represents great value and Sterling quality.

Want quality at a lower price? Need a set for the kids, or a guest room?

 This line will fill the bill!

Our famous Sterling i-Cushioning, in every mattress for no-sag comfort.

Comes in firm or plush comfort. 


Sterling Therma-Pedic™ Memory Foam Mattresses

Sterling Thermapedic®  memory foam mattresses, introducing a breathable and odorless foam, and have a more open cell structure. This allows more air to pass through the foam, keeping you cooler than other foam mattresses.

Sterling Thermapedic®  memory foam mattresses, mold and remold faster. If in your sleep, you roll over from one side to the other the foam will remold to your new body position. You won't feel as if you've rolled up a hill, and you won't roll back down.


SterlingThermapedic® foams are 100% American-made and follow strict environmental standards. Foams made in other countries are often not subject to the same environmental standards.

Click Here for more information on Sterling High-grade memory foam Mattresses.


Sterling Mega-Pedic™ Latex

About Natural Latex Mattresses



Natural latex is organic so it is chemical-free and biodegradable making it environmentally safe.  Its firm comfortable support helps provide relief to pressure points that may cause aches and pains.


This renewable hypo-allergenic, anti-microbial material is resistant to mold and dust mites making it perfect for those with allergies or breathing problems. 


Since latex is breathable, it keeps you warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.  So while it may cost a little more initially, in the long run, only latex will provide you with the perfect balance of comfort, support, and durability for years to come.


Latex is a product of rubber trees, also known as hevea brasiliensis, which are derived from Brazil.  If you look near the bottom of the trunks, you can see where the latex is trapped. Just like maple syrup!

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