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Time to get the sleep you really need, on a Sterling Mattress.

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After months of effort,     we have created a new "Impressionless" Mattress!

We worked long and hard to create this revolutionary new mattress. With Sterling comfort and quality you can count on!

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Your Source for Affordable Hand Crafted Mattresses.

Since 1994, Sterling Mattress Factory
has made a commitment to over 30,000 customers.

 To help them find the perfect balance between support and comfort.

 Sterling Mattresses are Orthopedic surgeon and Chiropractic physician endorsed. Your assurance of quality.
We use only the best materials available. We proudly make each mattress taking into account YOUR unique individual needs.

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We bring the latest in contemporary mattress design to your home at an affordable price. And we never sacrifice craftsmanship. Sterling Mattress Factory features our own Hand Crafted, Sterling Mattresses. Made on location. Sterling Mattress factory features, beds, headboards, lift chairs and adjustable beds from the world's top manufacturers.

Need some guidance? Our design team is ready to help. We're not satisfied until you are!

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So...What is Sterling Mattress Factory all about?

The Family

 27 years ago I was selling mattresses at a retail store, selling the "big names” you know Sealy, Simmons, waterbeds etc. Since I was a child I always was interested in how things work. I was the kid in school who asked the teachers "why?" as my classmates rolled their collective eyes.


 So naturally, I wanted to learn all about the workings of mattresses, and I was very interested in what was in them and why they felt like they did. I would cut open some of the old mattresses we disposed of for our customers. I studied their inner workings and components, I asked the factory guys what made a quality mattress, and where the problem areas were.


The store carried a large selection, maybe 25 different models. I enjoyed helping people find that "just right" Mattress. It really felt rewarding...being able to help folks have a better quality of life, by getting better sleep, because we all know from personal experience how absolutely vital rest is.



"I found it so frustrating that I couldn't find that "just right" mattress for many of my customers." 




 Even though we carried the big names and had lots of models, I found it so frustrating that I couldn't find that "just right" Mattress for many of my customers. The last two years of my six years at retail, I read the industry journals and learned all I could about the sleep products business. I went to trade shows and toured several big name mattress plants.




 Then it came to me ....I know enough about this business, I can make my own mattresses, and not just to the minimal, "big name specifications". I could spend a few dollars more and make a much better product and when need be, adjust it to my customer’s specific needs.




 I could make better mattresses and sell them for a better price. How?, By cutting out of the middleman and selling direct to the public. Not magic, just a more value laden distribution model.  So I made a business plan with  lots of hope and no money to start up. I begged, borrowed and mortgaged my $5000 mobile home and had to plead with my banker for that! (Thanks Steve:-)




"The part that got me exited was that,  I could make better mattresses and sell them for a better price.

How? By cutting out of the middleman and selling direct to the public."




 Well that was over 20 years ago; I am living my humble dream of making mattresses that people want, at a great value. I want to say "Thank you" to the 34,000 local folks, who over the years have trusted us for their sleep products.




 We are constantly tweaking to create mattresses that have more comfort, more value, and the latest in proven sleep technology, not just the current marketing fad. We don't believe in what big companies call "perceived value", We believe in real value. We dislike marketing that "spins fables about pretty junk". Real value, Real quality and Lasting comfort, That’s what we at Sterling really care about.,




Mike Wicoff,


Mattress Craftsman and founder.


P e r s o n a l - L o c a l - V a l u e.

Sterling Mattress Factory stands for superb craftsmanship, elegant design and great value.


 Twenty years of experience, has taught us how to tweak each model to near perfection.

We are not a marketing company, we are first and foremost  driven to make great mattresses.

Here is how we define "mattress greatness": Great mattresses, are durable, affordable and provide a quality sleep experience. This is what we really care about.

Our friendly staff will help you choose the right mattress for you, and your budget. Sterling quality Queen sets start at Only $499. up. Budget queen sets start at $249. up.


"Why pay twice as much, and get half the quality?"

Our customers say it Best! Click below for more local Sterling reviews.

  • Alexandria Vazquez5 star My fiancé and I bought our king size bed from here. I'm sleeping better than I ever have and I no longer have hip pain! Customer service is amazing and the free delivery & setup was a plus! I would recommend sterling mattress factory to anyone.
  • Alice Koch Hanson5 star
    We did a lot of research and visited the "Mattress Underground" website for additional info on construction, tricks of the trade, and recommended companies. It all led us to Sterling Mattress Co for quality and value. We are restless sleepers and the pocket coil system eliminates bed movement and disturbance of a partner. We needed a specialty mattress for a RV. No problem, they can make what you... See More
    Sterling Mattress Factory Thanks so much, it really means a lot to me,
    Mike Wicoff Pres.
  • Sherry Lynn Yow5 star Bought our first Sterling mattress a out fifteen years ago. ...Just bought king size adjustable bed....couldn't be happier ....

Compare Sterling, To any mattress firm in the Tri-state area.

That Perfect balance of Comfort and Support.

At Sterling Mattress factory,

our goal is to provide each customer with the correct support and comfort balance.

We keep up with the best new technological improvements, and shun the latest and greatest that are purely marketing non-sense.

Our pros know sleep and will help you find your perfect balance.

Looking for that special dream mattress?

Not willing to sacrifice comfort for support?


Don't want to overpay for Quality?


We have just the solution for you.

See our Premium Mattress selections.


"Your back & Your pocketbook deserves more than a chain store" ....Sterling Mattress-1994

Conveniently located between Carbondale and Marion IL

Just for fun...and well done!

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